About us

Canvani furniture is born out of a passion for creating outstanding products. What distinguishes it from other collections is its original and timeless design. We are constantly monitoring the global furniture market, therefore we are able to respond to the needs of our customers, with our aim being to provide them with products that combine high quality and beauty.

Our advantage is that we develop furniture from the design stage to the final product, taking full responsibility for customer satisfaction. We combine the past with the future. We both draw on our experience, with respect for the noble craft of upholstery, and are open to new technologies and solutions to make our furniture safe, modern and attractive.

Purchasing furniture from our offer provides you with peace, harmony and convenience. A wide range of colorful upholstery fabrics allows our products to be perfectly integrated with living rooms, guest rooms or bedrooms. We hope that after getting acquainted with our offer you will make a successful purchase. This would strengthen our belief that we are going in the right direction in creating upholstered furniture.